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My Experience

Sales Increased$ 1.4 Million of Retained Profit in Three Years.

“Two years ago we received a 17% reduction in our insurance cost without having to go through all the work required with a formal bid.  Risk Management University positioned us to negotiate better rates without all the unnecessary work.  When they told us they are a member of our team and their goal was to help us retain more of our profit, they have lived up to that promise”

Bruce Newman, Controller – Grassland Equipment & Irrigation Corp.

“Two years ago we had an OSHA inspection resulting in a $ 9,200 penalty.  Michael took the time to investigate and prepare a response for us.  In the end, the penalty was reduced to $ 1,800 putting $ 7,400 back in our company.”

Jill Ferrell, Safety Manager – Automann, Inc.

“We have been working with Michael for ten years and during that time period his commitment to us has been exceptional from representing us during the flood from Hurricane Irene to navigating the ocean of paperwork and bureaucracy of things like OSHA, safety, and managing the cost of risk. His service has allowed us to refocus on our business, knowing Michael is taking care of us. Not only have we benefited financially, but we have gained peace of mind knowing he is part of our team at Ursula of Switzerland."

Tony Crescente, President – Ursula of Switzerland, Inc.

"Three years ago we went through a major renovation at our facility and Erhardt Holt helped us throughout the process. They educated us on the pitfalls associated with the NYS Labor Law 240 and how that could impact our business. They helped us make sure we had all of the paperwork in place to protect our company.“

Robert Wolniak, President – Indian Springs Manufacturing Co., Inc.

"We began implementing Erhardt Holt’s risk management plan two years ago and as a result we have been able to spend more time on our business. They have done all of the work and their training classes are thorough, and timely. In 2017 we benefited financially from our relationship reducing our insurance cost by over 18%."

David Sherman, President – Seaway Valley Ambulance

"Over the past three years we have been working with Erhardt Holt to implement the risk management plan they developed for us. We have seen an improvement in our operations and in 2017 we received a 20% reduction in our insurance premium due to the implementation of the program."

Lynne Kintz, Compliance Officer – Erway Ambulance Service, Inc.

That’s How Much We’ve Saved Our Clients.

Business MeetingRisk Management University

Secure Your Assets (Physical and Team)

Multiple curriculums for convenience.  Through risk prevention, compliance, communication, and risk finance we provide financial security.  We do 99% of the work allowing you to focus on production, customers, and your future. Imagine your company being more profitable, efficient, and secure.

Paying BillsWealth Building Academy

Financial Security

Ten simple steps.  We provide the roadmap, the components, and the service to build wealth.   Imagine how much better your team will perform if they are building wealth from the income and benefits you provide.

Team Working TogetherTeam Member University

Improve Efficiency and Higher Quality

Four easy steps.  Companies are much more than their product or service, they’re people.  Together we create an environment that today’s team members are looking for.   An environment where everyone succeeds financially, personally, and as a team. Imagine your team rowing in the same direction, passionate, focused, and determined.

Helping Everyone Save Money

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We put money back in everyone’s pocket. Everyone needs a plan. Our system provides easy, simple, and convenient steps to a bright future.