Team Member University

Team Member University

We help your company develop team members who will passionately work for your company resulting in higher profits, improved efficiency, security, and quality workmanship.


Employees are people who show up for a J-O-B, a salary, and benefits who will not put in anything extra.


Team members are passionate, driven, and loyal.  They work for a purpose that is created by ownership and management.


A purpose is something bigger than a product or service – “WHAT” you do.  We help you discover your purpose – “WHY” you do what you do. 

See the power of purpose from Simon Sinek’s TEDxMaastricht talk.

People Happy at Work


We help build a strong relationship between ownership, management, and your team through goals, communication, and purpose.


Our process creates an environment that team members are looking for in an employer.  One that fosters communication, purpose, growth, security, teamwork, appreciation, and goals.  See the studies from the past seven years;

INC      Forbes      Entrepreneur      LinkedIn


Imagine the results you can achieve if your team is rowing in the same direction, passionate, driven, and focused.

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